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  What Is MAQIS
  The Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services (MAQIS) is a enforcement agency empowered by the MAQIS Act 2011. MAQIS falls under the purview of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).
  MAQIS provides "integrated services relating to quarantine, inspection and enforcement at entry points, quarantine stations, premises quarantine and certification for the import and export of plants, animals, carcasses, fish, agriculture produce, soils and microorganisms and include inspection of and enforcement relating to food and for matters related to it."
  Empowered under the MAQIS Act 2011, MAQIS has been gradually expanding its enforcement and implementation of the new Act.
  In the first quarter of 2014, some of our member traders reported that newly enforced fees on quarantine and inspection services fees had caused costs to skyrocket, causing significant losses.
  Engagement with MAQIS commenced in March and the issue was quickly resolved, thanks to MAQIS' response to our traders' requests.
  Thank You, MAQIS
  On behalf of P4PHM traders, we would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to MAQIS for their quick response to the issues raised by the Association.

Revised October 08, 2014
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